curating process

our curating process is meant to be simple and true

our mission

to help customers discover & shop from conscious south asian brands, making fashion responsible

our vision

to gather as many meaningful south asian brands possible in one destination while improving the knowledge available on their efforts towards sustainability

our principles

we guide our curation with the following principles:

  • focus on conscious brands – our aim is to shine light on those brands doing good work & we solely focus on discovering more of these brands, i.e. if you see a brand mentioned on our site, it is better than large fast fashion chains we don’t mention!
  • brand transparency & ownership – we will look into brands which speak about their sustainability efforts in transparent details
  • first party source of information – we will make every effort to reach out to the brand & engage with them to understand their impact
  • third party source of information – we will consider any publicly available knowledge about brands and their practices in the curation
  • brand’s intent to change – we also consider a brand’s intent to change for the better as part of our curation & weight that

our ratings

brands are rated on a 3 point scale: good, better & best across 10 key metrics: natural materials, empowers artisans, women owned, safe workplace, up cycled, 100 wears, handmade, revived craft, vegan, responsible sourcing

best – these brands excel in the people, product & planet areas showing superior efforts to minimize their impact on all three counts

better – these brands excel in one or more of the three areas showing interest in becoming more holistic soon

good – these brands are transparent about their efforts and are acknowledging their impact, while starting to make changes to their process